Who We Are

Philosophy of our team is a deep belief that a home should be a personal expression of your soul. It should represent the way you want to live, the ideas that define your tastes, perspectives and connections to the world.

Our practice includes completing many design projects all over the world. The full-service team includes talented experts with knowledge in architecture, design, history of art, project management, renovation, and many other disciplines.

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Klaudia Kocoń

architect | interior designer

ceo & founder

known for her philosophy of merging minimalist aesthetic with luxuriousness,  

creating multi-faceted, residential, commercial, health-care and retail environments 

+48 509 690 567

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Arkadiusz Kocoń


believes in harmony of form and function, creating environments that are both functional and humane, focused not only on a building’s appearance but how it will connect with and enrich the lives of those inside it